To strengthen or support physically or mentally.

Encouragement, upliftment, inspiration and motivation are given freely to those who are dedicated to building a fruitful future for themselves.


To make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

We empower by partnering with schools, community initiatives, governmental support, sporting organisations, corporate social investment departments and funding agencies to bring our young people the tools they need to succeed.


To come into existence and develop; to expand.

With the right people and enough tools, we can make this initiative exponential in its effectiveness. By changing one person’s life, they will then have the opportunity to change someone else’s – and every ounce of aid counts.

What the AJ Foundation is about

Making a difference in a community is more than donating old clothes.
Truly having an effect is giving of yourself and your time to create a platform that will support those in need to create a future for themselves that will project them into sustainable success. The AJ Foundation aims to break the cyclical nature of the downtrodden by helping Cape Town youth to realise their own potential.

Here are some of our upcoming events:

Bursary application

Our annual golf day is the main event to raise money for the AJ Foundation Bursary Fund.

1 October - 31 October 2018

Santa Shoebox project

The alarming statistics of unemployment, poverty and violence made Macassar the focus of our most recent Mandela Day blanket drive.

1 December 2018


All the funds received from the bursary pledge scheme will be deposited into an approved AJ Foundation NPC account, using SAGE Pay services. The foundation’s finance team will monitor the funds to ensure that appropriate, fully compliant and transparent financial practices are followed.

Restoring hope, building dignity

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